Monday, October 01, 2007

CRM Titan - Data Import/Migration Tool

The new CRM Titan data import tool has been improved from the previous version and it's also easier to import data into CRM. The data migration tool contains the following new features:

  • Ability to import most record types, including custom types, not just the four types (accounts, contacts, leads and campaign responses) that may be imported before.
  • Automatic mapping of imported records. (e.g. if you have a pick list contain Value A, B, C and D. It will automatically does the lookup and the mapping of the pick list value, if it can't find the value, it will automatically add the value to the pick list field)
  • Ability to re-use data maps. (If you have a import process that imports data in a file that contains the the same file format (same columns and data type), you don't have to recreate the mappings every time when doing the import. You can create the mapping once and reuse it the next time when you import the file with the same data format)
  • Email notification when import jobs are done. During the import process, there's an option that you can set to have CRM notify you that the import jobs are done.
  • Duplicate detection enhancement. Works with the dup check system in CRM. If a duplicate is detected, it will not import the record.
  • Improve error handling. If a import job failed, you will able to see why the job fails.

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 01 16.55

ScreenHunter_05 Oct. 01 17.10

The migration tool for Titan  can do more than the Data import tool of course. You can :

  • Related records from multiple record types
  • Create custom entities and attributes automatically during the data migration process.
  • Migrate Notes and attached files (I have not try this myself, still need to verify)
  • Records can assign to multiple Microsoft CRM 4.0 users.

CRM Data Migration tool is a separate install and it didn't install by the default CRM installation. Both Data Migration and Import tool will first go through creating/updating the metadata first, then import the data to CRM.

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 01 17.05

ScreenHunter_04 Oct. 01 17.09

There's a lot more you can do with the data import and migration tool now, I am still digging the tool to see what it can do. :)


Matzer said...

Can those imports be scheduled?
Does an import just create records or is it also capable of updating records according to a match criteria?

Darren Liu said...

At this point, the import tool in CRM can't be scheduled. It's only capable of inserting records this time. If duplicates are found, it will not import that record.

Aamir said...

Hi Darren ,

what about making relationship between entities ? for example when we create contact , we associate parentcustimerid to the accountid (of account).

Is it possible ?

Darren Liu said...

Hi Aamir,

For the data migration tool, it have the capability of "Related records from multiple record types". I have to verify it myself.

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