Friday, October 27, 2006

Access Rights Mask

If you wonder how the number is generated for access certain records in CRM. Here's a reference for you.

Access Right Values:

Read = 1
Write = 2
Append = 4
AppendTo = 16
Create = 16
Delete = 65536
Share = 262144
Assign = 524288

So if you want to grant read and write access, then just add up the read and write value. (e.g. Read (1) + Write (2) = ReadWrite (3) )


evgeniy_pmsoft said...

Where can I use these access rights? These is those rights, that I assign while managing roles?

Darren Liu said...

This is how CRM assign security to each of the objects, you will need it in some scenarios. e.g. display a form inside of a iframe that you only want to grant user read access...

Daryl said...

AppendTo Should be 8